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As a leader among China leisure tour operators and a reliable online China travel agency, GreatWallVacation (GWV) has over 25 years travel industry experience. It serves as a bridge connecting our overseas trade partners with our dedicated GWV China travel professional team. Our large and precise GreatWall Club membership system enables us to bring our partners a profitable outcome and win-win result. A distinct Quick Quotation System and a detailed Day by Day Itinerary Quotation System are provided to assist our agents in making a quote.

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  1. Tourist charter flights to be launched between Chinese mainland's Taiyuan, Taipei
  2. China becomes Starwood's second largest hotel market behind U.S.
  3. Tibet to open 5th civil airport next month
  4. Kempinsky Opens Reservation Office in Beijing

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Sometimes agents have to wait "too long" to get a quote for their customers from their China tour operators and providers. GreatWallVacation is providing our overseas agents a quick system for a quick quotation in One minute upon its customers’ request.


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Or you can also take a little longer to get a more detailed and definite price with our GWV Day by Day Itinerary Quoting System on your own. Offering your clients’ special and unique specifications, agents are welcome to also contact GWV travel advisors for further help when needed.

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  • Our AgentPoints plan helps get you increasing profits from the China inbound tour market;
  • Our exclusive GreatWall Club assigns you the right to gain online China tour packages with super competitive commission;
  • The unique quotation systems created by GWV facilitate your learning and using Chinese travel quotation methods;
  • We provide strong and instantaneous support from all suppliers in China to guarantee your group's quality;
  • Our Learning Programme enhances your strength to explore the China tour market.
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